Karen Yates Associates has been both my work and my passion for the last 12 years. Working mainly with the Public Sector here in the UK (which is a roller coaster ride of changes and challenges), there has been plenty to get my teeth in to, and the next few years look to offer more of the same.

Over the years I have worked with many, many organisations delivering numerous outcomes for them. As much as each contract has its differing requirements there is a common thread which runs throughout all my work - People!

The many wonderful people that I have worked with over the years provide me with the greatest satisfaction. Watching people develop, learn new skills, gain confidence and find their own solutions to the challenges in front of them - assisted by the tools that we have developed together is the fuel that drives me forward.

We offer a range of programmes (both off the shelf and bespoke) which can help organisations articulate and deliver their strategy. Our business is enabling organisations to use their existing strengths and expertise most effectively to deliver sustainable transformational change.

Working with Boards, Teams and individuals we are known primarily for three things:


  1. Getting Things Done - Providing leadership, training; tools, systems and processes
  2. Taking People with Me - Ensuring that engagement, collaboration and partnership opportunities are maximised
  3. Making Complex Things Simple - Help organisations and indiviuals design and describe their journey in order that outcomes can been understood and delivered