Programme Managemen Approach - Squared

The Programme Management Approach Squared is our own unique system for delivering programme management in time and resource constrained Public Sector organisations.

Capacity and competence have long been issues which have restricted the succesful delivery of projects and programmes of work across the Public Sector. Having worked with the Public Sector for the last 30 years we have developed our own unique approach to Programme Management which addresses the requirements of Boards and Executive Teams  and the staff at ground level who are expected to delivery the transformational change being described.

In our experience more often than not there is a huge gulf between these two perspectives... which makes succesful elivery impossible.

Working with Teams at all levels we will:

  • Engage you staff at all levels
  • Assess your current position
  • Review tools and processes
  • Work with Teams to redesign your PMA to ensure that it is fit for purpose

Giving you a system that addresses all the Governance and Accountability requirements of the Board and also resoonates with and supports the engagement of staff on the ground who deliver the Transformation that the programme requires.




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